• 30 November 2017

Recently we have published articles discussing the potential of using EB-1C and E-2 visas to expedite investor immigration into the U.S. Both avenues have the advantage of shorter processing times and significantly less up-front investment.

This article provides a comparison of the EB-1C and E-2 visa programs to help our clients and readers understand which approach may be the best for them and their families.


Visa Description Permanent Resident Status
EB-1C Multinational Manager Immigrant Visa
E-2 Treaty Investor May apply for permanent residence


Benefit EB-1C E-2
Faster than EB-5 Yes Yes
Green Card Yes No
Family Green Cards Yes No
Desires Dual Citizenship Yes No
Investment Required1 No Yes
Active Management Yes No
Passive Management No Yes
Startup a New Business No Yes2
Invest in a Single Franchise No Yes
Invest in Multiple Franchises Yes Yes
Taxation on Global Income Yes No
Dealing with USCIS Yes No
Need for Overseas Business Yes No

The following table offers a bit more insight into how these two visa’s compare.


Item EB-1C E-2
Speed of Processing 8 months 6 months, or 15 days Premium
Green Card Immigrant Visa Available Later3
Family Green Cards Available Immediately Available Later
Desires Dual Citizenship Better Granada Citizenship4
Investment Required5 $0 $200,0006 + $100,000 or more
Management of Business Actively Involved Develop & Direct
Startup a New Business After 1 year Immediately7
Invest in a Franchise Better for multiple franchises Easy
Taxation Worldwide income Limited8
Dealing with USCIS Yes No
Need for Overseas Business Yes No

This information is a very simple overview to help potential applicants determine which path, if either, might be preferable to pursue. Please understand that each path is complicated and detailed and should not be pursued without expert legal advice.

1 This amount does not include processing expenses.
2 May require a minimum number of employees
3 Involves applying for another visa type
4 Or other applicable country, such as Nevis, St. Kitts, Costa Rica, and other Caribbean nations
5 This amount does not include processing expenses.
6 This amount is a gratuitous contribution to the Granada Island Transformation Fund
7 May require a minimum number of employees
8 Dependent upon the amount of time spent in the U.S.