Form I-907 and Premium Processing Service

Form I-907 and Premium
Processing Service

The USCIS’s processing time for some cases may take a substantial amount of time to complete. This can be particularly disturbing for someone who needs to start working in the U.S. to support his family. The Premium Processing may be your solution.

What is the Premium Processing Service?

The USCIS’s Premium Processing Service (PPS) is an optional expedited processing service for certain types of immigration applications.

If you apply for Premium Processing Service, the USCIS will process your case within 15 calendar days –much faster than in many cases. The 15-day period begins when the USCIS receives your application. This does not necessarily mean that USCIS will issue a final decision about your case within 15 days. The PPS ensures that the USCIS will issue a response within that time. Responses may include

Icon Issuing an approval notice
Icon Issuing a denial notice
Icon Issuing a notice of intent to deny
Icon Issuing a request for evidence, or
Icon Opening an investigation into fraud or misrepresentation regarding your case.


Who can apply for Premium Processing?

Who can apply for Premium Processing?

Certain types of applications and petitions using Form I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker and Form I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker may be eligible to use the PPS. The USCISs website provides more detailed information regarding the process.

The USCIS may suspend or resume the PPS for specific types of application or petition at any time. We recommend that readers keep an eye on USCIS news bulletins on a regular basis.

Will PPS help to get approval for the case?

Understand that using the PPS will neither help nor harm your case.

It only means that the USCIS will treat the initial review of your case as a priority. There is no evidence to indicate that people using PPS have a higher acceptance rate than those who do not avail themselves of the service. The PPS will only accelerate the USCIS review process faster.

Some people use the PPS because time is the most crucial factor in their specific circumstances or because they find that the regular processing time takes too long. In other cases, people choose to take their time and avoid the expense. Make your decision wisely and carefully. If you are not sure whether you should use the PPS, you should consult with yimmigration attorney.

How much is Premium Processing fee?

How much is Premium Processing fee?

Request PPS using the I-907 Request for Premium Processing form supplied by the USCIS. You may file Form I-907 along with your application or petition, or you may file Form I-907 after you have already filed your application or petition, as long as the USCIS has not made a final decision about your case and the PPS is still available for your case.

Currently, the filing fee for Form I-907 is $1,410 but the USCIS changes fees periodically. The best choice is to double check with the USCIS website before you submit your application.


H1B Premium Processing: Tips for the Fiscal Year 2020 Cap

H1B Premium Processing: Tips for the Fiscal Year 2020 Cap

The Premium Processing has been resumed for the fiscal year 2020 for H-1B petitioners requesting a change of status. Petitioners may request it at the same time when they submitted their I-129.

If a petitioner failed to request a PPS when filing their I-129 but decides to do so later, the petitioner may do so only after the USCIS has begun premium processing for those petitions, which will be no later than May 20, 2019. 

For all other FY 2020 cap-subject H-1B petitioners, the PPS will not begin until at least June 2019. These petitioners will be able to request the PPS once such service is available. The USCIS will publish a confirmed date at a later time.

In all cases, anyone who may be interested in using the PPS should review the USCIS’s publications to be up to date with their most recent news.



Disclaimer: The article contains general information and does not include legal advice on a particular case.

Xili Zou, Licensed Attorney, ACS Inc.