Green card lottery application



Assistance in DV Lottery Registration

We wish you to be among the lucky ones! Along with our best wishes for your success in the lottery, we strongly recommend starting your preparations right now.

Our specialists will assist you in filling out the Green Card lottery application:

  • They will preliminarily check if you qualify to participate in the Green Card lottery based on your data.
  • They will help you correctly prepare the information you will provide in the application.
  • They will cross-check the information with the data in your documents.
  • They will consult and answer any questions you may have.

Our clients can be confident that their application will definitely participate in the lottery. In case of winning, there will be no issues with the validity of the application or visa refusal on the interview day due to any errors in the application process.

Our specialists will guide you through the Green Card acquisition process:

  • Assist in filling out the DS-260 form and preparing the document package.
  • Provide an American address for receiving the Green Card, which must be specified in the visa form.
  • Prepare you for the interview with the immigration officer.
  • Help with searching and booking the interview date and time at Consulates in various countries.

Get a Green Card after winning the lottery

Take the preparation seriously, as on average only about 47% of the winners eventually receive a Green Card.

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