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Immigration Success Stories

In this section, we proudly publish some of our client’s success stories.

We never disclose our client's private information. So no names and no locations.

The facts and the evidence are different for every individual immigration case. We do not recommend applying the described process to your situation expecting the same results or time frame.

Our expert, experienced attorneys in American Immigration Law offer the legal support and advice for you and your family’s immigration to the United States.

If you want to be a part of the next successful immigration story, start with a U.S. Immigration attorney consultation. We will help you find the best possible way of Immigration to the USA for your individual case and answer your questions.

Immigration Success Stories

U.S. citizenship for a spouse under deportation threat

A married couple needed legal assistance after a denial decision from USCIS. They filed an I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions to obtain a Green Card through marriage.

After reviewing their case, we proposed a strategy and a plan to get what the clients wanted. We couldn’t promise miracles, but we did promise to work diligently to achieve their goal. Read more

Immigration Success Stories

EB-1A visa for swimming coach

The active swimming coach requested immigration help. We immediately analyzed the situation.

Learn how ACS Law Offices helped the client to obtain approval within 11 days from the submission of her petition. Read more

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