• 11 May 2020
Coronavirus - An Inconvenience and an Opportunity

Many Americans have become anxious about the disruption of their daily routines. The interruptions are necessary precautions to prevent the highly-contagious virus from spreading.

The Inconvenience

It’s often not the virus that is causing people to panic. It is the inconvenience the precautionary measures that have disrupted our regular routines, especially finding empty shelves where we would typically find groceries in abundance.

Former residents of the USSR and Eastern European nations recall our current inconveniences as reminiscent of their daily lives behind the Iron Curtain. They didn’t have supermarkets stocked with an abundance of items. They walked from store to store, not expecting to find a selection, but hoping to find something.

We urge you to understand the necessity of these current inconveniences necessary to protect public health.

Even more so, we encourage potential immigrant investors to realize the potential opportunities the impact of the Coronavirus may have in the U.S.

An Opportunity

In no way is it our intent to promote any activity that would take advantage of a public health pandemic and gain an immigration investment opportunity. Nor would we encourage any scheme that has the potential to harm the life or livelihood of any American worker of family.

However, the current crisis may impose hardships on American businesses and workers that could result in difficulties and closures. Many could be rescued by the timely and wise investments of foreign investors. We believe that there are three distinct paths to turning the crisis into an opportunity for investors, businesses, and American workers.

EB-5 Visa – The EB-5 Visa is one of the most sought-after U.S. permanent resident immigration visa programs. Applicants may obtain a Green Card by making a minimum investment to establish a new enterprise or to revive a struggling business. In either case, the investment must create jobs for a minimum of 10 American workers.
E-2 Visa - E-2 investor visas may be granted to applicants who have developed, or are developing, direct operations of an enterprise in which they have invested or are actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital. The E-2 is a temporary but renewable visa ideal for helping a struggling economy while gaining a healthy return on investment.
L-1 Visa – The L-1 Visa available for an intra-company transfer of an executive, a manager, or a person with specialized knowledge of the company’s business, products, or services. An employer applies for an L-1 Visa on behalf of a petitioner currently working for a company in a “qualifying relationship” with the sponsoring company.

One of the most significant traits of a wise investor is to know when there is a legitimate business opportunity by coming to the aid of others. A smart investor does not bemoan a crisis. He uses the circumstances to create an opportunity for himself, his family, and the community.

Please contact our Immigration Attorneys at the ACS Law Firm for more information regarding the EB-5, E-2, and L-1 Visas during the combat against the Coronavirus. We can help you find the right opportunity for you.