U.S. Immigration Attorney

ACS Inc. offers the assistance of licensed Immigration Attorneys in San-Francisco, California, and throughout the U.S.

ACS Inc. lawyers are fluent in Russian, English, French, Spanish and Chinese and are highly qualified to settle immigration and visa questions of any complexity.


Why do I need an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Lawyers can determine which immigration or visa program is best for your specific situation. He or she help to build your case and prepare your documents, consult you and provides guidance at every stage from documents submission to getting a visa. An attorney’s presence and assistance are recommended during UCIS interviews and are a must at the Immigration Court hearing.

We’ve all heard people say things like, “Don’t bother using a lawyer” or “Hiring a layer is too expensive.” Some people, attempting to save money, follow the advice of well-meaning friends or search for answers on the web, but in doing so, they risk the future outcome of their case. Those options can enhance awareness, but they cannot take the place of a trained, skilled attorney. Speaking in medical terms, applying for immigration is not like treating a head cold. It is more like complex surgery.

American immigration laws are among the most complex in the world. That’s why attention to every detail of every unique case is absolutely necessary for a successful outcome.

Recently, a family with their two children, seeking asylum at the Mexican / American border, got into trouble. They contact us after the wife and kids were admitted to the U.S. but with limited resources The husband was held at a detention center for six additional months. Their situation was extremely frustrating. At the time, it seemed hopeless. The incident could have been completely avoided by contacting an Immigration Lawyer before attempting to immigrate. A competent Immigration Attorney could had provided expert advice on the best way to handle the case from the start.

How to choose an Immigration Lawyer in the U.S

How to choose an Immigration Lawyer in the U.S

The matter of choice is always a delicate one. The web is full of online databases of and advertisements by lawyer by location and branches of law.

The choice you make when selecting an Immigration Attorney may affect the ultimate success of your case. Fancy ads do not indicate the expertise of the advertised attorney. It is important that candidates for immigration select a lawyer based on their license, education, experience, qualifications, and success.

License and education

Consider only licensed Immigration Lawyers. Obtain proof of the license.

There are lots of consultants and assistants. Only licensed lawyers can provide you with a full range of legal services and adequate counsel on matters of law. Even seeking the advice of a paralegal who is, in fact, an assistant to a licensed lawyer, or a lawyer without a license, is taking an unnecessary risk.

Give preference to lawyers who have completed a doctoral program and received a JD (Juris Doctor). It means that the lawyer has successfully completed the full course of theoretical and practical judicial training required by U.S. law. An LLM degree (Master of Laws) can be obtained after an American university graduate course with no regard to the country where a basic higher legal education was received. Afterward, the specialist gains experience in practice and may also become a highly professional lawyer. The highest legal degree is an academic degree of a JSD (Doctor of Juridical Science) or a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy).

Experience and qualifying period

The experience of a lawyer is as precious as his education. No matter how prestigious the law school, a lawyer’s skill is honed in practice and refined by years of communication with clients, work on cases, during immigration and visa officers’ interviews and at the immigration court proceedings.

Having a handled more than 7,000 clients, we know from experience that each individual situation requires a unique approach to deliver the best immigration and visa program for the applicant.

This is true, not only for individuals, but also for business-related immigration.

  • Is it better to open a branch office or take part in an established business, buy a franchise, or to set up own company?
  • Which approach will help me to bring my family sooner?
  • What must I do to protect my investments and ensure that I am able to obtain my Green Card is I am immigrate using the EB-5 program?

Trust and confidentiality

The information you disclose to an Immigration Lawyer is personal and confidential. You should be selective when choosing an attorney you can trust completely.

Check the lawyers’ credentials, search for feedback from clientele, and use your best judgment when selecting your Immigration Lawyer.

What is the cost of Immigration attorney services in the U.S.?

Costs for services are usually determined after a consultation with a lawyer. That is the only way to accurately assess each client’s situation and determine the best visa or immigration strategy.

Look for lawyers who offer a flexible payment plan. ACS Inc. offers individual solutions customized for each client. For instance, we might agree to start the process with a modest fee follow by agreed-on monthly payments, or effect step-by-step payments in specified percentages.

Our licensed Immigration Lawyers are ready to consult with you and provide answers to your questions so you can successfully obtain your visa, Green Card or U.S. citizenship. They are able to help investors and business people with all of the legal aspects of the immigration process, helping to ensure that all documentation is complete and adequate. Where appropriate, attorneys can help immigration candidates understand their legal rights and options so that they can make informed decisions that end up with the desired results.