EB-1A visa for swimming coach

EB-1A Visa for Swimming Coach

Our client is a citizen of Russia and an active swimming coach for children.

We were able to help her obtain approval within 11 days from the submission of her petition.

When we first got Client’s documents, we analyzed her situation immediately. We learned that she had won the Beijing Summer Olympic Games in 2008.

Even though it could be helpful to prove that our Client had once been in the top-level of her field, it is difficult to prove that she continued to have and use that same level of expertise. Our attorney delved deeper into her information and organized her supporting materials.

Although Client did not mention it specifically, our attorney noticed a short report in the supporting material that indicated that our Client had trained a recent winner in an international swimming competition and that she had been training her for two years. This provided evidence that our Client continued to have “an extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim.”

Our attorney was able to clearly explain our Client’s EB-1 qualification by including the details in the supporting statement for Client’s petition. Because of the thorough investigation and the expertise of our attorney, our Client’s petition was approved directly without any Request for Evidence from USCIS.

Client had already passed her immigration visa interview in Russia and received her immigration visa without further delay.

Licensed Immigration lawyers of ACS Inc. have extensive experience in preparing cases for obtaining immigrant and nonimmigrant visas for extraordinary ability people. Among our clients are athletes, scientists, artists and other outstanding people. For more than 27 years, the company has been providing legal assistance in immigration to the USA for clients from all over the world, including from the countries of the former USSR, advising and accompanying at all stages of the immigration process.