Work visas in the USA

Work visas in the USA

To obtain a US work visa, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • to have an offer for a job on the US territory from a US-based employer. An employer can be a legal entity as well as a private individual.
  • an employer must obtain a labor certification from the US Department of Labor on your behalf.
  • professional academic qualifications which can be proven by a Bachelor or a Master Degree or their foreign equivalent degrees. In some cases proven records of extensive relevant work experience can testify to your academic qualifications instead of diplomas or degrees.

It should be noted that there is a group of individuals that doesn't require a university degree. The group includes professionals whose reputation and qualifications can be proven by national or international recognition, as well as awards for outstanding achievements which can be confirmed by publications in reputable media outlets (newspapers, journals and others); working for famous companies; certificates and their equivalents issued by world famous companies, organizations or associations;

Your future job is supposed to require professional qualifications, your education and professional work experience have to be relevant to the qualification requirements for the job. In other words, an expert in organic chemistry cannot apply for a programmer job, even though both vacancies require professional qualifications.

How to Get a US Work Visa?

The visa process consists of two stages:

  • A US employer receives an approval to hire you as a foreign worker. The visa process can’t be initiated unless the employer is able to prove that

    • your future job vacancy is essential for a business, and it requires relevant professional skills;
    • your future salary is not less than the average salary paid to employees at the same jobs in this region;
    • your employer’s financial position allows them to pay you a salary as stated in the offer;
    • you are a professional in the sphere you are offered a job.
  • Issued at a US consulate in the country you are currently residing.
How to Get a US Work Visa?

The US employment-based visa (H1-B) can also be obtained on the territory of the United States. If you are staying in the US, you have to submit the following information:

  • the name and job title of the person who is authorized to sign all the documents;
  • company profile with detailed description of its services;
  • a list of your competitive advantages as an employee;
  • your job title, job responsibilities description;
  • the expected salary payment;
  • the date the company was founded;
  • the employer's taxpayer ID at the IRS;
  • the number of employees in the company.

Also, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • your passport copy;
  • photos;
  • I-94 form and relevant immigration documents;
  • resume;
  • certificates of university degrees with transcripts;
  • information about your current status in the US;
  • information about your employment history;
  • detailed description of your work experience and skills relevant to your job.

What are the advantages of getting this visa to the US?

  • You are allowed to work legally in the US.
  • After a two year stay in the United States the visa holder can apply for a Green Card and receive it without taking part in a green card lottery.
  • The work visa allows you to leave and enter the US without any limitations.
  • Your family members (a spouse, unmarried children under 21) are entitled to a US visa as well.

If you get all your paperwork done properly, and all requirements are fully met , it won’t take you much time, effort and money to obtain a work visa to the US.

Assistance in Receiving Visa

Receiving an employment-based visa can be a quite complex procedure which involves completing a lot of paperwork to prove the candidate's outstanding abilities, as well as the security of the company that is offering a job to the candidate.

Don’t feel like wasting time if your application is denied? You will be consulted by attorney that live in the US. They have profound knowledge of US legislation and any and all bottlenecks created by the US immigration offices. Based on your personal data, attorneys are ready to complete all the paperwork you need to file the petitions in order to get a work visa. Attorneys are ready to assist you at all stages of your visa application reviewing process.

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