Visa L-1A for truck business in the USA

Visa L-1A for truck business in the USA

A foreign citizen consulted ACS Inc. to assess the possibility of obtaining a non-immigrant work visa L-1A and a quick move to the United States with children. At the time of the appeal, she had a steady, fast-growing freight transportation business in her home country.

According to the results of the consultation, the Immigration Lawyer of ACS Inc. concluded that the Client may qualify for an L-1A visa and has sufficient reasons for filing the case with USCIS. In this case, children will be able to join her on an L-2 visa immediately. The client received information about the main features of doing business in the United States according to the requirements of the L-1A visa, recommendations for further actions and a list of necessary documents.

Documents for L1 visa

The work on the case started immediately.

A company in the USA was registered for the Client, and a US bank account was opened, shares were issued, and the necessary corporate documents were created (Articles of Association, protocols, etc.). The company was registered with the United States Revenue Service (IRS), and an Employer Identification Number (EIN) was obtained.

Specialists of the ACS Inc. prepared a business plan in accordance with the requirements of the Immigration Service, advised the client on hiring staff in concordance with the US labor law and helped in finding an office.

As a result of the work, a package of documents for obtaining an L-1A visa was prepared in English, which, in addition to all supporting documents, included a completed Petition and the accompanying opinion of a Lawyer. The case was more than 600 pages.

Submission and approval of the case in USCIS

The petition was filed in November 2018 with the acceleration of the “Premium Processing” review procedure, according to which the review is carried out within 15 calendar days. The decision to approve the United States Immigration Department for a non-immigrant L-1A visa for the Client was made on November 15, 2018. That is, the US Immigration Department reviewed this petition within 10 calendar days.

The case was quite strong due to the availability of all related documents as required by the US Immigration Department. The client was eligible for the non-immigrant L-1A visa. In particular, the Client was the head of the American subsidiary and the foreign parent company, provided all supporting documents about financial stability, tax payments, and also had qualified employees and supporting documents about labor relations with them.

In conclusion, the Lawyer advised the Client before an interview with an immigration officer in her country, which she successfully completed and received a visa.

Thus, with the help of the ACS Inc., a set of documents for the Client, in accordance with the current immigration laws of the United States, was competently and correctly formed. The client received the approval of the L-1A visa petition from the USCIS Immigration Service in a short time and successfully passed the interview at the US Consulate in her home country.

The next step for her will be getting the Green Card.

ACS Inc. Immigration Lawyers have extensive experience in preparing case studies for immigration and non-immigration business visas. Our clients include owners and business leaders from various CIS countries. For more than 27 years, the company has been providing legal assistance in immigration to the USA for clients from all over the world, including the countries of the former USSR, advising and accompanying at all stages of the immigration process.

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