• 31 January 2019

Dr. Gregory Finkelson Proposes New EB-5WALL Visa Program to Pay for Border Wall

1Dr. Gregory Finkelson has presented an idea to United States President Donald J. Trump that proposes a method for funding the border Wall at no cost to American taxpayers.

The innovative plan would use funds from legal EB-5 immigrant investors to pay for the Wall that will help reduce the persistent flow of immigrants crossing the open border illegally.

The idea for the plan originated when Dr. Finkelson was contemplating a way to fund the Wall so that government employees would be able to return to work as the stalemate in Washington rendered a partial shutdown. Non-essential workers were furloughed. Many others were required to work without receiving a paycheck.

Even though government employees have, at least temporarily, returned to work, the plan is not without its primary benefit of paying for the Wall that then-candidate Trump promised the American electorate.

The EB-5WALL Visa Proposal

The idea proposes a modification to the EB-5 Investor Visa program. The current program uses investments from wealthy, would-be immigrants to stimulate the American economy.

Interested investors must put a minimum of $500,000 at risk in a new enterprise that will create a minimum of 10 jobs for American workers. The investors are subject to rigorous investigation to ensure their funds have been legally obtained. The enterprise must be approved by the USCIS and the investment made prior to being granted permission to immigrate.

The EB-5WALL program would require investing the $500,000 in the construction of the Wall. Under a standard EB-5 program, the investment may be returned with little or no interest at a later date. The EB-5WALL investment would not be returned.

The government would have to take several measures to expedite the program for maximum effectiveness. Since it would take 10,000 investors to raise the needed $5 billion, the annual quota of 10,000 EB-5 investors would have to be temporary waived and all applicants would have to be granted the 15-day premium processing that is already available for L-1, E-2, and other visa categories.

It should be noted that the high demand by Chinese investors and the 10,000-visa per country quota has created a waiting period that has as many as 14,000 Chinese investors willing to wait 10 years for the processing of their visas to be complete.

Others who are not willing to wait are investing in and immigrating to other countries where the process is much more expeditious. One of those other countries is Canada which has an infrastructure investment similar to the EB-5WALL proposal.

Once the government approves the plan, money would begin flowing into the Wall project – and the arguments against the Wall would no longer have any substantive merit.

Dr. Gregory Finkelson’s open letter to President Donald Trump is available here.

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