• 06 September 2016

Can investing in an E-2 visa business lead to a green card? Well the answer is “not directly,” but there is a path. An E-2 visa is not used for permanent residency, but there are ways to get there.

Once in the U.S. an entrepreneur can gain permanent residency on an E-2 visa.

Ways to obtain an E-2 visa

Family-Based Petitions
If there is a relative living in the U.S a family-based visa may be possible. It can be renewed many times as long as the business remains viable.

Employment-Based Petitions
An investor in an E-2 business must work directly in the business while the spouse can obtain outside work.

To gain permanent residency the EB-5 investor may reach $500,000 to $1 million value and the investor has given up to ten times as much capital as with the E2.

The E-2 visa requires an investment of around 100,000 in a business that is not considered marginal. An E-2 visa franchise is one of the best ways to ensure approval. Franchise consultants can help investors shop objectively and find the E-2 business that best fits their passion, skills, and budget.