• 01 February 2017
Immigration Policy or Chaos?

The news in the U.S. and around the world is ablaze with stories about immigration, due in large part to the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe and illegal immigrants in the United States. Very little of the issue on the minds of the general U.S. public is relative to EB-5 or any other employment-based visas.

Quite frankly, the average American citizen is blissfully ignorant of U.S. immigration policy and laws, unless they are naturalized citizens.

The blissfully ignorant are making headlines by protesting immigration policy of which they are completely unaware. Many of the protestors can’t accurately explain exactly what they are protesting. Many think that the U.S. – or any country – should open its doors to all comers.

Does that really make sense?

Is there anyone who does not understand that immigration is a process? Whether consciously or subconsciously, probably not. However, people must also understand that all processes must be controlled. The lack of control is known as random activity which eventually degrades into chaos. If all processes need to be controlled, it follows that immigration processes must be controlled. That is why each country has rules and regulations regarding immigration.

If you are considering applying for an EB-5 investment visa, be assured that, regardless of copious immigration headlines, the EB-5 process is well-controlled and regulated. It may not always seem to be efficient, but it has been proven to be effective for investors, the U.S. economy, and job creation.

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