• 04 April 2016
Forbes Cites EB-5 as a Viable Alternative to Venture Capital

On February 10, 2016, Forbes.com featured an article entitled, “Three Alternatives to Venture Capital.” The article was written by Yan Revzin, Co-founder of Fortune Cookie Advertising. Interestingly, Revzin’s primary business is selling advertising space inside Chinese fortune cookies.

Based on the premise that conventional methods of funding are difficult to secure without already having substantial capital, especially for young entrepreneurs. The three alternative funding sources that he suggested are Crowdfunding, EB-5, and Bootstrapping.

Bootstrapping is the hardest path to follow unless the entrepreneur has exemplary profit margins and cash flow.

Crowdfunding is rapidly growing as private individuals able to afford only a small amount join together en masse in return for a proportionate incentive or a very small piece of the equity pie.

Revzin advocated the EB-5 investment visa program for people who know for sure that they will be able to meet the job quota per investment. Because it is a structured program under federal government oversight, he wisely suggested having a solid business plan, a provable job impact report, and legal advice. He clearly pointed out that EB-5 is primarily about job creation, which young entrepreneurs need to keep in mind, and on which many of them are already focused.