• 21 December 2016

High net worth individuals are shifting from traditional employment visa applications to investment visas. When people look for a place to settle and begin a new life, there is no better way than though investment immigration.

Across the globe, entrepreneurs are immigrating to the United States to unlock new opportunities in the world’s largest economy. Many quality companies have been a conduit for achieving the American dream.

Investment programs offering permanent residency are available in most developed countries but, the U.S. remains the most popular. Other developed countries can require up to three times the investment. For many HNWI people $500,000 is a small price to secure their family’s future.

Education, resources, and permanent residence for the client’s children act as main motivations for immigrating to the United States. After approval of the immigrant visa, the investors and their families receive conditional green cards within a few weeks of their arrival in the United States.