• 04 April 2016
EB-5 Scores with Major League Soccer

The Orlando City Major League Soccer team will have a new stadium by March 2017, thanks in part to $45 million of EB-5 investments. This is another example of professional sports facilities being built with the help of investors utilizing the USCIS EB-5 investment visa program. In these cases, the EB-5 investments provide relief for otherwise budget-strapped communities to refurbish or build new stadiums.

The Orlando soccer stadium will seat in excess of 25,000 spectators when in becomes the newest venue in the MLS next year. The construction of the stadium will be a boon to one of the top teams in U.S. professional soccer.

The project’s developer told the Global Times that, “There is a lot of misinformation and there is a lot of incorrect information being given to EB-5 investors. It's very sad to see, because the largest market should get the best information on EB-5. Like everything, it's a lack of understanding of the system.” That may be the clearest representation of the exposure that EB-5 has Americans as well.

The EB-5 investment visa program is one of the most beneficial immigration and economic programs that the U.S. has ever had. It provides jobs and stimulates local economies at no expense to American taxpayers. Plus, it provides opportunities for HNWI from around the globe to immigrate to the U.S. with a program that leads to the opportunities to become permanent residents with a Green Card and, should they so desire, to become American citizens.