Client reviews


My company want to bring me to America to help with big project. So exciting. Never expect this to happen for me. Thank you, ACS Law. You make it happen for me.

J.G., China

So many details. So much paperwork. It would not have happened without ACS Law Offices and Attorney. They made it easy.

V.F., Ukraine

I will not be home for the Olympics this year because I am now able to work in America. Working in America is much better than going to the Olympics. Even better than Carnival.

J.P., Brazil


Thank you, ACS Law Offices, Inc. Because of your expertise my employer was able to get all paperwork processed correctly and efficiently, making our move to the U.S. easier than I had expected.

A.L., Bosnia

I love working in America. This is a big country. The land of the free and the home of the brave. Thank you, American Corporate Services Law Offices and all of your staff.

S.C., Luxembourg


American Corporate Services Law Offices, Inc., made my move from Bollywood to Hollywood possible. Thank you for making it easier than I expected.

R.R., India

Immigration Attorney has helped my dream come true, allowing me to obtain the O-1 visa and access to training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. 'Faster. Higher. Stronger.'

L.B., Poland


Company facilitated obtaining my R-1 visa so that I could directly assist with the logistics of distributing aid to indigent farmers in my homeland. Thank you, attorney.

B.M., Zimbabwe

Thanks to ACS Law for helping me obtain an R-1 visa. Now I am able broaden the scope of my ministry and spread my evangelistic work across America.

J.P., Indonesia


I am happy for my family and I to be able to work in the United States of America under my E-1 visa. I am so pleased that American Corporate Services Law Offices has made it possible for my wife to obtain work authorization as well. We are settled in to our new home and enjoying our time here already.

E.P., Greece

Hi. I just want to let you know that we are well on our way to opening for business. None of this would have been possible without you.

B.M., Israel


Thank you, Attorney. Your expert advice I appreciate so much. You made the journey from Croatia to America much easier than I could have anticipated.

E.H., Croatia

It is a long way from Sri Lanka to America, but thanks to the Immigration Attorney, we are here. Thank you so very much.

I.G., Sri Lanka


It is, of course, an honor to have been invited by my company to be transferred to our headquarters in Silicon Valley. They have made my entire career even more rewarding, but this may be the ultimate. Thank you for all of your guidance. We will be using your services in the future when we have opportunities to bring other up-and-coming executives to the U.S. as our company continues to grow.

B.S., Australia

Thank you for all of your help. We appreciate your willingness to handle every detail in processing Johann’s visa. We knew we needed his expertise here at the home office, and he is already proving his worth. You made the difficult possible.

B.C., Portland OR

What can we say? Using American Corporate Services Law Offices, Inc. was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We look forward to working with you again.

M.B., Cupertino CA


On behalf of our entire hospital and our neurosurgical team, I want to extend our gratitude to the Immigration Attorney and the staff at American Corporate Services Law Offices, Inc. Your efforts on our behalf to ease the way through the red tape for one of the finest young neurosurgeons in the world are deeply appreciated.

Dr. R.K., Boston MA

Dear ACS Law, you have done this country a great service by guiding Dr. J. through the EB-2 process with such expertise and ease. There is no doubt that he is a leading expert in his field. We are fortunate that he has chosen, and been allowed, to make the U.S. his new home. Thank you for all that you have done. Our country is the better for it.

R.K., Los Alamos NM


It has been two years since my husband received his EB-3 visa. Since coming to the United States, our lives have changed in so many ways – all of them good. We will never forget you and all that you did for us to ensure that our applications were approved and our move from Estonia was, as they say in America, without bumps in the road.

Elena H., Sacramento CA

Dear sir, we had heard that immigrating to America was complicated. The company, American Corporate Services Law Offices, guided us flawlessly through the entire process. It may have been complicated, but your guidance made it painless and problem-free all the way from Latvia to Los Angeles. Thank you.

N.W., LA


We have watched this company become well-known and reputable in China for your integrity and expertise in helping EB-5 investors to find best approved projects and obtain our visas. For our family, especially, we are grateful, not only for the investment opportunity, but also to be see our son enroll at the University of Washington to pursue his career in microbiology. Thank you.

C.H.K., Seattle

Thank you for connecting us with the CTC Linens opportunity in Los Angeles. Everything seems to be moving along just as you had indicated it would. Once the process is complete, we expect to settle in Raleigh, NC. Our son is in his last year at NC State and has already been accepted for graduate work at the prestigious Duke University. We are looking forward to being near him again. (Translated)

F.C., Shanghai

We have enjoyed the freedom of living in America for nearly six years. Our investments have proven to be sound. Our original investment has already been returned, allowing us to invest in other projects after EB-5. We are enjoying our new home in Palm Springs. If nothing else, the air here is much cleaner than in Beijing. Best of all, we are in the process of becoming American citizens. All of this would have been impossible – or, at least, a great deal more complicated and expensive, without American Corporate services Law Offices. My wife and I thank you.

G.T., Palm Springs CA