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Thursday, 25 January 2018 11:29

ACS, Inc. President to Visit Vietnam

Dr. Gregory Finkelson, the founder and president of American Corporate Services, Inc. (ACS, Inc.) will be visiting Vietnam to discuss immigration and business opportunities in the U.S. with potential clients and agents.

ACS, Inc. will celebrate its 27th anniversary in 2018. Dr. Finkelson and his staff have helped over 7,000 clients during the company’s successful history. The company specializes in all areas of immigration to the USA, including EB-5 and E-2 investment visas, L-1 and EB-1C business visas, etc., and assists entrepreneurs and investors to identify and secure bona fide projects that will provide desired results for its clients.

The company offers a wide variety of services including USA companies’ formation, secretarial, bookkeeping and accounting services, legal support and the creation of virtual offices for foreign-national-owned business people wishing to expand their sphere of operations into the USA. The firm has years of expertise in assisting high net worth clients find premier real estate locations for investment and residence.

Dr. Finkelson’s is scheduled to arrive in Hanoi on Saturday, February 17th. His itinerary will include visits to Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh before returning to San Francisco on March 3rd.

Interested clients and potential agents are invited to contact the ACS, Inc. offices at the web addresses below.,, or

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SAN FRANCISCO - American Corporate Services Inc. (ACS) is an established consulting firm with headquarters in San Francisco, California and branches in Delaware, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Florida and representative offices in several regions of Eastern Europe and China.

Dr. Gregory Finkelson, President of ACS, Inc. since 2001, has announced that the Company is in the midst of celebrating its 26th year in business. Since its founding in 1991, American Corporate Services has assisted over 7,000 clients via its immigration and business services worldwide including connections and introductions to associated businesses with specific expertise.

Celebrates 26th Anniversary

Originally founded as Business Management International on April 30, 1991, the name was changed to American Corporate Services in 2001 to better reflect its growing list services, especially for offshore investors and foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to the United States. ACS, Inc., offers a broad spectrum of services, including virtual offices for foreign clients, that make doing business in the U.S. affordable and attractive whilst helping to stimulate the U.S. economy.

The company ingratiates itself to many foreign nationals by offering a multilingual staff with native expertise in languages including Chinese and Russian.

Dr. Finkelson’s expertise in the USCIS EB-5 investment visa program has been recognized in both the U.S. and China.

In 2013, ACS, Inc. published Dr. Finkelson’s seminal work, How to Find Chinese Investors, Agents & Clients for Your EB-5 Projects & Services – A Practical Guide for Regional Centers, Attorneys, Developers, and Businessmen.

In 2014, the company published Moving Your Family to the USA – A Simple Guide to Business and Investment Immigration.

In 2015, American Corporate Services expanded its services by adding a legal department to better assist its clients with immigration and business processes and requirements in the U.S. so they better understand their legal rights and options and can make informed decisions that end up with the desired results.

Maria Reznikova is Vice President, American Corporate Services, Inc. She holds a Master degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Project Manager with extensive experience in risk management and resource optimization. Her previous experience includes Macy’s, Charles Schwab, Intuit, and Hewlett Packard.

Dr. Finkelson graduated from Moscow State Industrial University in 1983 with a degree in Engineering. He also holds a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is Co-Chair Business Immigration Committee of China Silicon Valley and a member of the San Francisco Bar Association.

American Corporate Services Inc.

For more information, contact Gregory Finkelson at

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Ni Hao, my name is Gregory Finkelson and I am the President of American Corporate Services Inc. law office.


Let me introduce myself and our company, to make sure that you have more information about us:


I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, and I moved from Moscow to San Francisco in 1991.


The most important part of our introduction is to introduce Cecilia, she is our immigration attorney – a double attorney because she is licensed in China and she is also licensed to practice Law here in the United States.


Now, let’s talk about what we do: we mostly do immigration services and corporate services.


Talking about corporate services – we have registered our company in every state of the United States. We provide bookkeeping, accounting, taxes and legal support for our clients.


Today, we will mostly discuss the immigration services that we provide, and also about business and investment visas.


Let me list the visas that we will discuss today:

Gregory Finkelson
Gregory Finkelson


Let’s start with the EB5, that is widely known in China.


The EB5 is an investment visa and an immigrant visa. Using this visa, you will get a permanent visa to the United States, known as a ‘green card.’


There are only 3 requirements for the EB5 Visa:

  1. you need to invest a minimum of $500k into the US economy
  2. you need to create at least 10 new jobs
  3. you need to prove that your funds are legitimate.


  1. 至少投资50万美元到美国经济市场
  2. 创造10个就业机会
  3. 证明你的资金来源是合法的

What is important to know is that eventually you don’t have to invest your money into someone else’s business like a regional center or a direct project – you can invest this money in your own project. In such case you will be taking care of your business and have full control of your money.


What is also not well known in China is that you don’t have to invest the whole $500k amount at once. Eventually, you can invest $100k at once, then add maybe $50k or $25k per month – it depends in which business you invest.


The second requirement is 10 new jobs for Americans. If you go through a regional center, they will take care of it – you don’t have to worry. If you go through someone else’s direct project they will also take care of it but they will have to hire direct jobs. The regional center will eventually be able to directly hire for those jobs.

If you have your own project, you have to take care of at least 10 new jobs for Americans.


The good news if you go with your own business is that you don’t have to hire all 10 employees at the start of your operations. Eventually, after you file your I526 application for your EB5 you will have 2-3 years before you need to have the full 10 employees as your staff.


The third thing is proving that your money is legitimate. This can be proved by your tax or business records or real estate sales, or other sources.


Of course I understand that this sounds complicated, but you wont have to do it yourself – you will not be able to do it yourself. Either way, you need to hire attorneys who are licensed in the US and who speak your language to help you with your EB5 application. We will help you from the first step to the end of the process.


That was some brief information about the EB5 immigrant investment visa. Now we will go to the next visa; the L1.


The L1 visa is a work visa and it’s a non-immigrant visa.


How does the L1 work? You have a company in China and your company decides to open a representative office in the US and to transfer you to supervise this US daughter company.


What are the requirements for a Chinese mother company?
First; the company should have been registered for more than three years and you are supposed to have been working at this company for at least one year during the last three.


Your Chinese company is supposed to have enough funds to support your daughter company in the US and all its expenses : office space, your salary, other salaries and advertisements etc for your business.

U.S. Immigration and Corporate Services for Chinese businessmen and investors
American Corporate Services Inc.


The L1 visa is valid for several years. It is a non-immigrant visa. You’ll stay in the US for several years and then go back to China.


If you ask me, ‘Gregory, how can I transfer my L1 to a green card?’ – I have an answer for you.


You have 2 options : 1, your business will grow, there will be more funds and you’ll be able to apply for the EB5 that we discussed before.


The second option - if your business grows, you’ll get more staff, more profit, more growth and you’ll be able to switch to the EB1C visa.


The EB1C is an immigrant visa that was created for extraordinary experts in the field of business.


What are the requirements for EB1C?


First of all, you need to show that you have created new business and that the business is very successful.


Secondly, if on the L1 you supervise one secretary and one driver, for the EB1C that is not enough…


In such cases, to qualify for the EB1C visa, you don’t need to supervise employees but you need to supervise managers. These managers will supervise the employees.


Let’s say you have 3 managers and each of them supervises 2 employees, that’s about 10 staff that you will have in your US company.


Also we would recommend that you have made at least $500k profit in the last year, before applying for the EB1C.


So today we have discussed the immigrant visa EB5, the work visa L1 and the EB1C for extraordinary business people.


Let’s discuss one more visa that is not very well known in China: the E2 visa.


Citizens of China are not qualified to apply for the E2 visa because there is no treaty signed between China and the US.

-中国公民并不符合申请E2 签证的要求,因为中美之间并没有签订相关的条约。

Let me explain how it works : You should be an investor. We would recommend you to invest at least $100k in the US economy… it could be in any field of the US economy.


The positive side of the E2 visa is that is could be valid forever. As long as you keep you investment in the US it will be valid, and you could stay here forever.


If you compare the L1 with the E2, the E2 sounds much easier and more productive for you. You don’t have to have a Chinese company, you don’t have to keep the Chinese company active and you don’t have to create a US company.

It’s much less complicated and it could last forever, unlike the L1 which will only be valid for a number of years.


If you ask me, ‘Gregory we are Chinese –why should we care about the E2 if it is not valid for the Chinese?’


There is one trick, a legal trick:


Our clients, citizens of China who want to obtain the E2 visa, they go to the Carribean and obtain citizenship in the Caribbean.


We work closely with several countries in the Caribbean: St Lucia, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis etc – they provide citizenship for a pretty good price - $200k - $400k and you can get the citizenship in 2-3 months.


When you invest in the Caribbean you usually have two options: one, to give it to the government, a government related fund or enterprise…and two, to buy real estate for yourself.


So, we will help you to make sure that your investment in the Caribbean will not be risky and you will not lose your money.


This two step process: first, get Caribbean citizenship, then second get the E2 visa as a citizen of the Dominican, for example.


Today, we have discussed the EB5, EB1C, L1 and E2 visas.


Now, I want to give some information on how you can use the EB5 in combination with the L1 visa.


If you file the I526 petition for an EB5 visa, it will take almost 3 years to get a green card (if you are Chinese).


You have two options, here.

1 – you can peacefully wait in China for the 3 years until you get your green card, then go to the US.



2- if you don’t want to wait for years in China, or you want to send your wife and child to the United States earlier, we can help you with option number 2.


We can file the I526 petition for an EB5 visa and at the same time we can file for an L1 for you.


We can expedite the L1 and it will take 2 weeks to get your approval: so, after 2 weeks you can travel to the US.


This L1 visa will allow you to not have to wait for 3 years in China… you can wait in the US and travel easily between the US and China throughout this period.


Today we discussed the EB5 immigrant investment visa, we discussed the L1 work visa, the EB1C visa for extraordinary business people, and the E2 invesment visa.

This will be the end of our discussion today.

Our attorney is licensed in the US – we can help you if you are located in China or in any city or state of United States or any other country.

Come over, you can go to our website, you will see it on the screen – it is

You can always contact us by phone on (San Francisco area code) 415-682-2550 and also you will see our WeChat account – you can use WeChat and we will talk with you in your language.

Thank you very much and we will see you soon. Thank you, Cecilia – Xie xie!







The EB-5 immigration program has ballooned in size in recent years, and it is being closely followed by foreign investors. The program, which has existed for over a century, is an efficient method for high net-worth individuals and their families to obtain an American Green Card. EB-5’s popularity has grown massively: In 2014, the program stopped accepting applications after reaching its quota of 10,000 visas. The impact on Silicon Valley and the rest of the US tech industry may be striking.

Graphics by Empire State EB-5 Regional Center
Graphics by Empire State EB-5 Regional Center

EB-5 was created as a tool to generate capital and jobs in the American economy. The requirements to apply are simple: A $1,000,000 investment in a US business, a creation of at least 10 jobs for American workers, and proof of legitimate capital. Most EB-5 investors finance projects in what is called a “target employment area”, or TEA, which lowers the the cost of investment to $500,000. TEAs are meant to focus on either rural regions or areas of high unemployment, which tend to have a higher barrier of entry for domestic investment. Part of what makes the program so popular is the $500,000 price tag – a figure far lower than similar programs in other developed countries.

However, the most important factor for EB-5’s growth is one country: China. In 2014, over 90% of the 10,000 issued EB-5 visas were given to Chinese nationals. The 2nd largest source, South Korea, only accounts for 225 visas. Why are they all coming to the United States? To better understand these developments, I reached out to Dr. Gregory Finkelson, President of a San Francisco-based immigration law firm specialized in handling the EB-5 process through his firm, American Corporate Services, Inc. Law Office. Finkelson’s work has focused on China as a hotspot for EB-5 investment, and his interest led him to write a guidebook for connecting with Chinese EB-5 investors.

With his Chinese office, Finkelson spent over 8 months conducting research for his book, “How to Find Chinese Investors, Agents & Clients for Your EB-5 Projects & Services”, highlighting developing trends in China’s wealthy demographic. Some of his observations are striking. He notes that China’s affluent consumers will soon grow to about 20% of the country’s population (about 280 million people), and their total purchasing power will account for 5% of total global consumption ($3.1 trillion). The wealth isn’t just concentrated in the big cities anymore. Finkelson paints a picture of the Ordos region in Inner Mongolia, an area rich in natural resources, now hosting more Land Rovers than Taxis. “In 2004, Erdos began a large land merger movement that has turned farmers and herdsmen into instant millionaires. Currently, one in every three households own a car in Ordos, which is far greater than the country’s average.” Wealthy Chinese are also highly interested in Silicon Valley. “You can find a carbon copy of the original Silicon Valley in any Chinese city nowadays.”, Finkelson explains,“The Chinese government generously finances all innovators and new technology startups.”

This new brainpower is investing in the original Silicon Valley to gain access to the United States through investment visa EB-5. Many rich Chinese nationals find that their newfound wealth will be put to better use overseas. For all the rising prosperity in China, the US still has better healthcare, a cleaner environment, more political freedom, and a sense that a family will be more secure and better supported.

The world’s largest bitcoin server farm in Ordos, Inner Mongolia
The world’s largest bitcoin server farm in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Finkelson highlights this region as an example of growing Chinese wealth. (Photo by Aurelien Foucault, Quartz)

With all this foreign money flowing into the country, it’s likely that Silicon Valley’s landscape will change to include more foreign companies operating on U.S. soil. Imagine an American branch of Amazon-esque consumer giant Alibaba, or a Chinese competitor to Samsung entering the U.S. smartphone market.

Will the floodgates remain open for Chinese nationals? Signs point to yes. Despite Donald Trump’s strong rhetoric against illegal immigration, he has a positive relationship with EB-5. His son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner, has raised millions of dollars for EB-5 projects, and the President, though not personally involved in the financing, has licensed his name. Though Xi Jinping may have his frustrations with Trump, Chinese investors are likely happy with the current political situation.


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Dr. Gregory Finkelson

Immigration is a hot-button topic in 2017. However, despite constant media exposure, facts often get lost in the chaos of emotionally charged political debates. While constant controversy surrounds the Mexican border and the Syrian refugee crisis, the chief concern for most American immigrants is simple confusion on how to navigate the bewildering immigration process. To gain a better understanding, we caught up with Dr. Gregory Finkelson, President of American Corporate Services, Inc. Law Office.

Since moving to the United States from the USSR in 1991, Finkelson has acquainted himself with the fields of immigration and corporate law and helped over 7,000 clients through his San Francisco based legal & consulting firm. Much of the firm, including Dr. Finkelson, are 1st generation immigrants themselves, which has given them a unique bond with those they serve. Finkelson explains: “Most American attorneys, born in the USA, can’t understand what it means to be fleeing Putin’s dictatorial regime, Jehovah’s Witnesses persecution or LGBT hounding in Russia, a real war in Ukraine, Tibetan refugees, or organ harvesting in China. We do understand, 100%.” Dr. Finkelson’s background in the USSR was in engineering, but the salary for skilled workers at the time was small, and, as a Jew, he faced frequent anti-Semitism. He first began transitioning toward business during Gorbachev’s perestroika period, eventually moving to the USA to pursue his Doctoral degree.

The common understanding forged between Finkelson and his clients is essential to the process, he explains. “Let me give a piece of advice to immigrants, deal only with USA licensed immigration attorneys who speak your language.” At American Corporate Services, Inc. Law Office, the team has members who speak both Russian and Chinese. Strong communication is important, as the stakes can be high for asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants. Just a small slip-up, such as a missed court hearing, can cause a judge to give an unfavorable decision. “Immigration laws are complicated, the system is overtaxed, and the process is lengthy. For these reasons, we advise any person seeking asylum, or any other USA visa, to speak with an experienced immigration attorney before attempting to apply to enter the process.”

Finkelson makes other suggestions to help these groups on his web pages. For instance, he recommends that asylum seekers seek legal representation before attempting to enter the US, allowing them to be represented at detention centers or court hearings. He also lists statistics that help set the record straight in the midst of so much political hyperbole. “From the likely perspective of the average American citizen, the term ‘illegal immigrant’ refers to Mexicans or potential terrorists. Yet, the truth is an entirely different story.” He highlights other groups of undocumented immigrants, including ethnic Hungarians at risk of being deported to a country highlighted by amnesty international for lackluster human rights. Through working with an immigration law firm like American Corporate Services, Inc. Law Office, an undocumented Hungarian can stay in the country for 5-7 years as their petition as reviewed. They can also obtain work authorization in about 5 months.

Despite the high stakes, Finkelson retains an optimistic outlook. For instance, he points out that a wholesale deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants would cost over 100 trillion dollars. He also doesn’t think that the publicized nativism seen so often seen in political discourse should discourage people from seeking the American dream. “The earlier you move your family to the USA, the more thankful your children will be to your decision. Don’t waste your time playing the ‘Green Card Lottery’, don’t wait for the miracle, don’t delay.” To him, America still is synonymous with the land of opportunity. We couldn’t agree more and are thankful that Finkelson and his San Francisco based team of immigration attorneys are now in the States, fighting the good fight to keep it that way.

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