• 14 August 2019

Сooperative alliance of American Corporate Services with M&P -the Moscow law firm

SAN FRANCISCO – Dr. Gregory Finkelson, President and founder of American Corporate Services Inc., announced the formation of a cooperative alliance with the Moscow law firm of Mikhailov & Partners Private Services Group (M&P).

M&P was founded in1995 by Mr. Oleg Mikhailov. Today, M&P is Russia’s largest practice offering tailored services to wealthy clients. The Mikhailov & Partners law office is recognized among the most qualified and professional legal offices in Moscow. The firm represents more than 1,500 HNWI clients in the areas of asset management, tax solutions, inheritance, migration solutions, and other services as needed. Today, Mr. Mikhailov is the Chairman of the company’s board of directors. Mr. Alexey Pechnikov serves as the firm’s CEO.

American Corporate Services Inc. (ACS) enjoys a reputation of integrity and expertise in a wide variety of business services. ACS is proud to have benefited over 7,000 satisfied clients in its history. The company offers a broad range of services including U.S. and offshore company registration, acquisitions, offshore banking, accounting & bookkeeping, taxation and legal services.

ACS Law Offices, Inc. specializes in immigration services, primarily assisting foreign clients interested in employment-based and investment opportunities in the United States. The majority of ACS Law immigration clients approach the firm expressing interest in EB-5, E-2, L-1, or EB-1C visas.

The services offered by the Mikhailov & Partners, ACS Law Offices, Inc. and American Corporate Services Inc. are perfectly aligned, particularly for serving the needs of HNWI who wish to immigrate to and/or invest in projects in the U.S. or to establish or expand their businesses here.

For more information on the cooperation of the two distinguished firms, contact ACS, at (415) 682-2550.