• 14 April 2017

The United States is uniquely situated on the North American continent, separated from all countries but Canada and Mexico by vast bodies of water. For the founding fathers, including provisions for the common defense in the U.S. Constitution must have meant something somewhat difference in practice, albeit the same in principle, than today.

For over two centuries, most Americans felt untouchable by harm from entities outside of our borders. It is no wonder that vast numbers of immigrants came to these shores, not only for opportunities, but to escape tyranny and war and the persecution and oppression that accompany them. America the melting pot was also America the safe haven.

Investors have nearly always been a part of the essential mix of immigrants to the USA. Those with the wherewithal have always arrived in the U.S. with the intent to invest in business. Those with barely a dollar in their pocket have come with the hope of multiplying into thousands of times over.

Ensuring the common defense is not solely for the benefit of those who were already here. Our government is based on a Constitution that guarantees that the rights of all from foreign shores who immigrate and invest here will have reasonable protection for themselves, their families, and their investments.

To be certain, the immigration and investment processes often seem complicated. However, when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, the process is designed to help immigrant investors rest assured that they are protected by a strong common defense within our borders.

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