• 20 March 2017


According to a recent article in the New York Times, “Several thousand Chinese companies now have offices or operations in California and more are coming.” These Chinese business people did not accomplish this without professional consultation, direction, and assistance.

Doing business in the United States is not difficult. It is no more difficult for Chinese companies than any others. The secret is understanding all the rules, regulations, processes and paperwork. Understanding all of those is the business of American Corporate Services, Inc. (ACS). Just as your company has expertise in your products and services, our expertise is business and immigration. Here is a sampling of the services we offer.



American Corporate Services, Inc. has assisted over 7,000 satisfied clients to easily navigate the immigration process for both resident and non-resident visas and to become established and comfortable living and working in the USA. ACS is able to assist Chinese nationals directly from our offices in mainland China all the way through the process the obtaining of a Business Visa or a Green Card and the permanent residency that comes with it. Our complete array of services means that neither ACS nor our clients need to employ any other agents or services.


Business Establishment

Our expertise extends to assisting an enabling Chinese business people to establish businesses based in the United States in all forms from a representative office to a fully functioning manufacturing, distribution, retail, or other business.

Our services include establishing and operating a virtual office for your business. With a virtual office, we provide a local address and phone number and staffing needs designed especially for your business operations.

Our Real Estate experts are well-connected and intently aware of the best opportunities for locations for new enterprises as well as premier residences for high net worth entrepreneurs.

Our Legal experts are available to consult on all matters of immigration, corporate, labor, tax, and other matters of vital concern to the establishing a compliant enterprise and mitigate business risks.

Our relationships with leading officials at the municipal level provide the essential connections that directly benefit economic development and cooperation in the area in which you choose to establish your business.


Business Expansion

Establishing a business in America is one thing. Expanding it is something entirely different. It takes networking with suppliers, distributors, established businesses with similar goals, and industry associations. ACS is ideally equipped to make appropriate and valuable introductions. We know the trade shows at which your company should exhibit and those which you should attend.

Dr. Gregory Finkelson, president of ACS, has many years of experience helping others establish and expand their businesses, particularly with foreign entrepreneurs who seek both to immigrate, establish, and expand their businesses in the U.S.

Although Dr. Finkelson is the visionary who founded and leads American Corporate Services, Inc., he has also surrounded himself with elite experts in their individual and collective disciplines that allow ACS to provide a singular place where every service that Chinese entrepreneurs need to turn their dreams into reality.


Our immigration and investment expertise is available to you in Dr. Finkelson’s ground-breaking book that was published in 2014, How to Find Chinese Investors, Agents & Clients for Your EB-5 Projects & Services. A Practical Guide for Regional Centers, Attorneys, Developers, and Businessmen. Ordering information is available on our websites: www.Business-Visa-USA.com, www.Business-Visa-USA.cn, www.Business-Visa-USA.hk and www.Business-Visa-USA.ru.

As always, we welcome your input and discussions about immigration on our LinkedIn group: Business and Immigration News & Views https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8140530

Dr. Gregory Finkelson’s new book, Moving Your Family to America – A Simple Guide to Business and Investment Immigration is now available in English and Chinese versions on Amazon. Click on the appropriate language link to order your copy now: www.Biz-Visa-USA.com.