• 04 April 2016

March 14, 2016

The Hurun Institute published its annual Rich List on February 24th. The report always contains amazing information – much of which would surprise the average global citizen. Here are a few items from the report that might surprise just about anyone.

  • There are now a record 2,188 billionaires in the world. That is a 50% increase over 2013.
  • The 1,103 billionaires in China and the U.S. comprise just over half of all billionaires worldwide.
  • China is the world leader in billionaire population with 568, surpassing the U.S., which is home to 535.
  • Beijing has become the “Billionaire Capital of the World” with a billionaire population of 100. New York is in second place with 95. Beijing has added 32 billionaires in the past year.
  • Five Chinese cities, including Beijing, are in the Top 10.
  • Of the 630 Chinese billionaires around the globe, only nine reside in North America, one of whom lives in Canada.
  • The combined net worth of Chinese billionaires ($1.4 trillion USD) is about the same as the GDP of Australia.
  • China is the world leader in self-made millionaires, 117 of which made their money in real estate.

What are the takeaways? You decide.