• 07 May 2024
DV-2025 Green Card Lottery Results

Time is running out for the lucky few who will soon have a real chance to move to the United States. For everyone who applied for the Green Card lottery in the fall of 2023, the immigration lawyers at ACS Law Offices wish you luck and want to highlight how to correctly check your results and what steps to follow next.

When and Where to Check the Results

Firstly, it's important to understand that participants need to check the results themselves; there will be no notifications sent out, including no emails. Beware of any email claiming you've won and asking for a deposit – these are scams!

Checking the results is a straightforward process, even if you don't speak English well—Google Translate can assist. To see if you're one of the winners, visit the official lottery website at https://dvprogram.state.gov/ and enter the required information. The results for DV-2025 will be available from May 4, 2024 and you can check your status until September 30, 2025. However, don't delay, as winning entails a series of further steps.

What You'll Need to Check Your Results

You will need the following:

  • Confirmation Number: A unique 16-digit mix of numbers and Latin letters received upon registration.
  • Surname as entered at registration.
  • Year of birth (four digits).
How to check the DV 2025 lottery results

Trouble Accessing the Site or Entering Your Confirmation Number?

The website often faces heavy traffic in the days following the opening of the results, leading to delays. Misentered confirmation codes are common errors; make sure to differentiate between similar-looking letters and numbers.

Another common problem is incorrectly entering the Confirmation Number. People often confuse certain characters: instead of the digit '0', they enter the letter 'O'; instead of the digit '8', they enter the letter 'B'; and instead of the digit '1', they enter the lowercase letter 'l'. Remember, the code should only include letters from the English alphabet, meaning you cannot use the Cyrillic letter 'с' in place of the Latin 'c'.

If you have saved your Confirmation Number electronically, ensure that when using the copy function, you do not accidentally copy extra characters, such as a space.

Losing your Confirmation Number is highly undesirable, but there is a solution even in this case. On the main page of the official lottery website, click on the "Forgot Confirmation Number" link and follow the instructions.

The lost number will be sent to the email address you provided at registration. However, if you no longer have access to that email, it will be impossible to check the status of your application.

Trouble Accessing the Site or Entering Your Confirmation Number?

What a Winning Notification Looks Like

Upon entering the required information, one of two outcomes will appear on the screen. Those whose entries have been selected will see a page featuring the U.S. crest, which contains instructions for the next steps. It is advisable to print or save this page to ensure the information is not lost. At this stage, the case number (Case Number) is very important.

If your entry has not been selected, the message "HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED" will appear. This means that you were not lucky this time.

Additionally, there's a small but real chance of becoming a winner if the U.S. State Department conducts a supplementary draw. No action is required on your part to participate in this additional draw. Simply check the results again at the end of the summer, but no later than September 30, 2025, as the service will be closed after this date.

Winning Notification Looks Like

If You Win, What’s Next?

Winning the lottery doesn't guarantee a Green Card; it means your application will proceed to the next stage. You can expect to potentially receive U.S. permanent residency status in the fiscal year 2025.

For those whose entries have been selected, a lengthy and meticulous document collection process awaits. Here’s what to do if you win:


Save the Page with Your Case Number: This number is crucial as it indicates your place in the queue for immigration case review.


Complete the Immigration Form DS-260 for Each Family Member Listed on Your Application: Keep these forms on hand to review and recall the information submitted.


Begin Compiling Your Immigration Case for the Embassy Interview: This step involves gathering various documents, including those certifying that you have no criminal record.


Undergo a Medical Examination: This is a mandatory step, as certain medical conditions can disqualify you from obtaining residency.


Personal Interview with an Immigration Officer.

These steps are essential for moving forward with your application and preparing for the final stages of the immigration process.

If you are unsure about what to do next after winning, have doubts about the correctness of your actions in gathering documents, or have unique questions and want to avoid making critical mistakes, it is advisable to consult with immigration specialists. They can provide you with a detailed strategy for building your immigration case and offer support throughout all the stages.

Didn't Win? Try Again or Explore Other Immigration Options

If you didn't win, you could try your luck again starting October 4 of this year. Make sure your previous application was not disqualified at an initial stage. Alternatively, consider other immigration paths to the U.S., such as through investment, work visas, or talent visas.

For further guidance and a detailed strategy on immigration matters, consult the specialists at ACS Law Offices. They will provide support at every stage, including the interview process.