• 11 July 2019

EB-1A Visa: Can You Prove You Are a Superstar?

Our previous article about the EB-1A Immigration Visa explained that having extraordinary talent and skill can be one of the quickest ways to obtain a Green Card for permanent residence in the United States.

In other words, if you have achieved superstar status in your chosen field, you may be eligible for the EB-1A Visa and become a legal, permanent U.S. resident within a matter of weeks or a very few months. Every year, 40,000 EB-1A Visas are reserved for “aliens of extraordinary ability” in athletics, fine arts, and sciences.

You have mastered your goals. You have exceeded everyone’s expectations. You are reaping the rewards of your hard work and are receiving rave reviews for the results. Perhaps you have outperformed your peers until you no longer have any peers. At least that is what you believe.

If that is the case, you are probably right. But it will take more than your personal perspective to be granted the EB-1A status. You need to be able to prove it to an adjudicating officer from the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS). It doesn’t matter how many other people you have impressed with your acumen. The approval (or denial) of your petition rests entirely on the shoulders of a person you have never met.

Your objective is to convince a USCIS officer that you are really as extraordinary as you say you are. Superstar that you are, you ought not to attempt to do this without the help of an experienced Immigration Attorney who is outstanding in his or her field.

Not everyone who applies for an EB-1A Visa gets approved. In our experience, it is not because they are not extraordinary. Rather, it is because they have not provided satisfactory credible evidence of their ability and status.

It should be fairly evident that an Immigration Attorney can (and should) be enlisted to assist any immigration applicant. But, particularly in the case of EB-1A petitioners, our value is not merely that we know the law and the proper procedures. It’s that we are superstars in our field, and we can help achieve your immigration goals.

Think of us as a pre-test or as the semifinals. If you can present adequate evidence to our Immigration Attorneys that you are, indeed, a superstar, we are confident that, together, we can almost ensure your approval.

If we determine that your initial case is not robust enough to gain USCIS approval, we will assess what additional information and documentation must be gathered to strengthen your case and achieve Green Card approval.

Using the evidence you present to us (or that we ask you to obtain), we will assist with the preparation of your evidence packet to successfully substantiate the claims on your I-140. We will even accompany you to your USCIS interview to help you prove that you are, indeed, a superstar!

Immigration Attorneys at ACS Law Firm, and our entire staff are prepared to answer your questions about the EB-1A Visa program and show you how we can help make your immigration dream come true.