• 29 May 2019

President Trump’s plan to change the US immigration system

According to Fox News, after several months of discussions, President Trump presented his plan to change the immigration system in the country. The plan affects only legal immigrants and does not apply to those who entered the country illegally.

Focus on Highly Qualified Specialists

The plan implies a change of focus from family immigration (reunification with the family for those whose relatives live in the USA) to the immigration of highly qualified specialists. Such immigration categories include H-1B, L-1, O-1, and R-1 work visas, E-1 and E-2 business visas, and also EB immigration visas. 

Currently, only 12% of the total number of immigrants arrive in the country due to their specialized skills and due to the fact that they got a job in the United States. The president wants to increase this number to 57%. Currently, 66% of immigrants come due to family immigration, and Trump wants to double that number to 33%. According to his plan, 10% of immigrants will arrive on the basis of humanitarian programs.

Green Card Lottery Cancellation

It is important to note that Trump also wants to stop the Green Card Lottery. Instead, he suggests creating a Build America Visa program that would allow people with extraordinary skills and specialized knowledge, as well as successful students, to come to the country. It is supposed to create a system when people earn points based on their age (the younger the immigrant, the better), knowledge of English, and wages.

“Pro-immigrant” is equal to “pro-American”

The president spoke about how this plan could change the country: “Today we are presenting a clear contrast. Democrats are proposing open borders, for lower wages and, frankly, lawless chaos. We [Republicans – ed.] are proposing an immigration plan that puts the job, wages, and safety of American workers first.”

The Council of Economic Advisers of the United States expressed its opinion on the new plan and how it will affect the US economy. They pointed out that right now, the average annual salary of a legal immigrant in the United States is about $43 000. For immigrants who live in the country on a work visa issued based on their professional abilities, the average annual salary is $126 000. In this way, if you change the immigration system according to the plan proposed by Trump, the average annual salary of a legal immigrant will increase to $96 000, which will help grow the GDP and increase tax revenues.

Thus, the basic idea of Trump’s plan is that the terms “pro-American” and “pro-immigrant” become synonymous. Illegal immigration, that is entailing the underfunding of law enforcement agencies, harms everyone. Adjusting the current system will benefit not only US citizens, but also improve the position of legal immigrants trying to build their careers and lifes in the United States.

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