• 07 August 2017

For Foreign Investors, the EB-5 Program Is a Great Option

Instead of traditional employment visas, high net-worth immigrants, often from China Mainland, Vietnam, South Korea, and India, are increasingly using the EB-5 visa. For foreign nationals, involving themselves in the investment visa EB-5 can often be the most efficient way to a new American life for their family. With minimum capital investments of $500,000, families of the investors can get conditional green cards within several years after filing their I-526 petitions. Similar programs exist in other developed countries, but they can require up to three-four times as much capital and have more restrictions; the program remains at its most popular in the United States. Prospects for the program look good. Despite Trump’s hard-line talk on illegal immigration, he is a strong supporter of legal routes like the EB-5 Program. Dr. Finkelson has become well acquainted with these EB-5 visa developments, and he has written a book to educate those interested in EB-5: How to Find Chinese Investors, Agents & Clients for Your EB-5 Projects & Services, A Practical Guide for Regional Centers, Attorneys, Developers and Businessmen - http://biz-visa-usa.com/how-to-find-chinese-investors

Seeking Asylum Can be a Complicated Process

Applying for asylum is a route open to many immigrants in their first year of living in the United States, even if they are in the country illegally. However, immigration laws related to asylum are complicated, the system is overtaxed, and the process can take from 3 to 7, and sometimes, 9 years in an immigration court. Asylum seekers can also be subject to detention if they apply on the Mexican-USA border. For these reasons, Dr. Finkelson recommends that any person seeking asylum should speak with an experienced immigration attorney before attempting to apply and enter the process. The best option is to start working with your USA licensed immigration attorney before leaving your country. In such case, your story and your supporting documentation will be prepared well in advance. Gregory Finkelson also stresses the importance of getting an attorney who speaks your language. “Most American attorneys, born in the USA, can’t understand what it means to be fleeing Putin’s dictatorial regime, Jehovah’s Witnesses persecution or LGBT hounding in Russia, a real war in Ukraine, Tibetan refugees, or organ harvesting in China. We do understand, 100%.”

Deportation Prospects Haven’t Changed as Much as We May Think

Under United States Law, any immigrant in the country illegally is technically subject to deportation. The reality for illegal immigrants is quite different. Dr. Finkelson notes that cost of deporting an illegal immigrant can be up to $23,000. With 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in the United States, it is beyond impossible to account for everyone. Despite President Trump’s strong rhetoric, immigration enforcement’s focus has primarily been on immigrants that are deemed to pose a national security risk. This can include those who have committed crimes or abused public benefit programs. For many, the attitude of enforcement may simply be: “We have bigger fish to fry.” Still, the anxiety of deportation can be ameliorated if the proper routes are taken toward a legal residence. Dr. Finkelson leaves us with some words of encouragement to those seeking the American Dream. “Don’t waste your time playing the ‘Green Card Lottery’, don’t wait for the miracle, don’t delay. Contact your experienced immigration attorney today."