• 16 September 2016
USA Immigration Assistance

USA immigration assistance continues to be of vital importance for citizens of many countries of the world. Not too many ways of U.S. legal immigration exist. However, some of them do.

How to immigrate to the USA.

There are two options: direct and indirect immigration.

Direct immigration

Immigration visas are issued only at the U.S. embassy. In most cases, it is done on the basis of (Alien Relative) Petition from relatives who are U.S. citizens and in the event of winning the Green Card lottery.

But, if you are lucky enough to win the Green Card lottery, this does not mean you will automatically get a U.S. visa. You will have to pass an interview at the U.S. embassy where you must make a case for the following:

  1. Sufficient level of education and work experience
  2. Possession of certain funds required to begin living in the USA
  3. Having a job offer from the U.S. employer.

There are also immigrant visas for businessmen (EB-1C), investors (EB-5), people with advanced education and work experience (EB-2, EB-3), individuals with extraordinary abilities (NIW) and others.

Indirect immigration

The sense of indirect immigration is that you come to the USA, but not on an immigrant visa. While there, you change your status for the immigration. Such a way is lengthier and requires more expenses. It is the only way of immigration to the USA for many people. There are several ways of getting into the USA with the purpose of changing immigrant status, which subsequently lead to immigration status:

1. Obtaining visa for fiancé
2. Obtaining visa for religious workers
3. Obtaining H-1B work visa
4. Obtaining L-1 visa for businessmen
5. Obtaining refugee status
6. Immigration of future child through birth by mother in the USA

Visa for fiancé

Having entered into the USA on a fiancé visa, you must marry within three months (validity of visa). Then you submit a petition and acquire conditional permanent residence status. Having lived in the country for two years with U.S. husband/wife, you submit a petition again and then together with your spouse pass the interview. If it is OK, you will obtain U.S. permanent resident status.

R-1 visa for religious purposes

Having arrived in the USA on a religious visa and stayed there for some time, you may apply to immigration service with a request to obtain permanent residence based on "special immigrant" category. In order to receive a Green Card according to the EB-4 program, you must provide the same package of documents as for obtaining R-1 visa. You must also prove that as of the day of application you have worked in the religious organization on a full-time basis for two years and intend to continue working in the USA. This category also includes volunteers who work 40 hours per week.

H-1B work visa

If after several years of working in the USA on H-1B work visa you show yourself valuable, then your USA employer will not want to lose such a valued, experienced employee upon your visa expiry. If he sponsors you, then you may get permanent resident status legally through employment. If you have permanent resident status (Green Card), you and your family are entitled to become U.S. permanent residents.

Visa L-1 for businessmen

A businessman owning a company outside of the USA may open a branch of this company in the USA. In order to manage such a branch directly on-site he may obtain L-1 visa (for himself) and L-2 visa (for his family members). When he is already in the territory of the USA, he may change his status for L. In other words, to get L visa it is not mandatory to go to a consulate. The first time an L type visa is granted, it is valid for 1 year. If, during this year, the branch operates successfully, then you may submit for an L-type visa valid for 3 years. Obtaining such a visa gives you the opportunity to apply for a Green Card.

Immigration through refugee status

The USA is one of the countries, which signed the Geneva Convention and abide by obligations specified therein. Provisions of effective U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act among others give clear definition of a refugee. If you are prosecuted in your native country or have genuine fear of such prosecution, you are entitled to apply for refugee status.

Birth of child in the USA

If a child is born in the USA, then, in accordance with law of this country, he automatically receives U.S. citizenship. By giving birth to a child in the USA, you give him a chance in the future to choose a country of residence. Having chosen the USA, he may come here without any problem. It should be considered that parents of children who have U.S. citizenship have no privileges in receiving U.S. citizenship. At the age of 21 years old, a child may submit Alien Relative Petition to invite parents to the USA.

Immigration: qualified assistance

Immigration to the USA is a responsible process, requiring the most serious attitude to legal aspects of the case, elaborate and targeted preparation of documents, and correct behavior in the interview at the embassy. Therefore, it is vastly important to find information about a reliable, result-oriented company capable of providing qualified assistance in immigration to the USA. Keep in mind that quality immigration services are a crucial factor of the positive resolution of issues.