• 13 May 2019

5 Tips for Finding Funding from Foreign Investors via EB-5

The first word in “funding” is “fun.” Many executives, however, don’t find much fun in the task of seeking investors in new projects that require an influx of cash from $500,000 up to multiple millions. Those business leaders would welcome a change from securing cash from conventional schemes.

This was particularly true during the financial crisis that began a decade ago. It’s true anytime money is tight and lenders limit what they are willing to lay out. Even in good times, lenders let their cash to the projects with the most promise.

EB-5 Investment Visa

The U.S. government-sponsored EB-5 Investment Immigration Visa was the savior of many business projects unable to find funding in the first half of the past decade. While many business leaders begged bankers, who turned a blind eye, others who were familiar with the EB-5 program were able to find funding from foreign investors who were ready and willing to invest. The EB5 remains one of the most viable opportunities for executives to establish or expand their businesses within the United States.

How to Find Funding from Foreign EB-5 Investors

Follow these 5 tips from Gregory Finkelson to find investments for your business in USA.

1.Contact a qualified Immigration Attorney.

He or she can explain both the simplicity of the program and the particulars as they apply to your project. Every minute spent with an expert should increase your awareness, clarify your concerns, and pave the path to your project’s success.

2.Learn why the investors are so willing to fund your project.

You will learn that high net worth individuals are willing to temporarily invest a minimum of $500,000 to fund a project at very little return. Unlike you, the investment is not their primary objective. For them, their investment is the means to an end: securing a Green Card and permanent residency in America. The vast majority of investors are from mainland China.

3.Learn how to get your project approved by the USCIS.

Only the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service may approve a project for funding. EB-5 investors may lend their funds only to USCIS approved projects. A good Immigration Attorney can explain how the connections between investors and investments are best handled for your particular project.

4. Learn what your project must offer the investor in return for the use of his cash.

The key to the EB-5 program is that everyone benefits, that is, the project, the investor, and the U.S. economy. The project receives a needed influx of cash. The investor obtains permanent residency – and can become eligible for citizenship in the United States. The U.S. job market received a boost because a project must result in employment for at least 10 American workers. Your project plans must prove that 10 new jobs will be created.

5.Learn about the Regional Center Program.

The Regional Center program is specifically designed for projects that need to pool funds from multiple investors in order to accumulate the capital stack required to finance the project. The Regional Center differs from the original EB-5 approach. The Immigration Attorney will discuss the course of action best suited for your project. Keep in mind, however, that with the addition of each new investor, there must also be a surety that 10 more jobs will be created.

The EB-5 concept and program are simple. However, there are many documents and forms that must be completed and submitted by both the investor and the recipient. The Immigration Attorney and, where applicable, the Regional Center, are absolutely necessary to ensure that all documentation is complete, correct, and submitted on time. Even a small mistake can create costly delays for everyone concerned.

The EB-5 Investment Visa Program is about “people helping other people” to accomplish their personal and business objectives by offering the resources that make achieving each other’s objectives possible.

The Immigration Attorneys at ACS Law Firm, and the staff are willing to answer your questions about EB-5 Investment Immigration and how it can be a welcome benefit for you.

You may learn more details about the EB-5 program and how to locate foreign investors by requesting a copy of Dr. Finkelson’s groundbreaking book, How to Find Chinese Investors, Agents & Clients for Your EB-5 Projects & Services - A Practical Guide for Regional Centers, Attorneys, Developers, and Businessmen. A limited number of copies are available at https://www.biz-visa-usa.com/