• 28 February 2019

Good News about EB-5 Regional Center Program

Uncertainty creates anxiety. And there is no doubt about it. Most of the news today, regardless of whether it is in print, online, or broadcast, leaves us uncertain about our circumstances, our futures, and our decisions.

We live in an age of bountiful information, yet we don’t know what news to believe.

The 2018 U.S. mid-term election results turned an already tumultuous political scene into further confusion with a partial government shutdown over the financing of a U.S./Mexican border wall – an immigration issue.

The status of the EB-5 Investment Visa program and potential reforms have been a subject of debate for several years. Numerous bills for immigration reform have been discussed in public and private forums but Congress has failed to move any legislative bills beyond committee status, leaving them to die with the end of each congressional session.

So, here we are in late February 2019 barely two months into new Congress.

Nothing is new – and that’s Good News!

Despite the lack of funding for the EB-5 Regional Center program during the recent government shutdown, the rest of the private investor program remained intact.

Now that the shutdown is over, the entire EB-5 program is fully functional again. Yet the continuing questions remain regarding whether the program will or will not experience changes in the days to come.

Questions like these will persist, not only with EB-5 but also with the future of any legislative or immigration issue – or any other issue that is future.

EB-5 investors, potential investors, and stakeholders should remain calm and rest easy.

When President Trump approved the Spending Bill presented to him by Congress, the entire EB-5 program continued to be fully funded and will remain so at least through the end of the current federal fiscal year that ends on September 30, 2019.

The program is stable, and it is not in danger of imminent change.

ACS Law Offices, Inc. encourages readers to remain calm. We remind potential and current visa applicants that no change if there is any change to the program, will ever happen without a period adequate for investors to ample time to consider their best options.

That’s part of ACS Law Offices Inc.’s services. To give you a clear and realistic perspective on the status of immigration programs like the EB-5 Investment Visa, and to help you make wise decisions that culminate with making your dreams of living in the U.S. a reality in the most efficient and effective way possible.