• 14 September 2016

Want to help the EB-5’s critical time of reauthorization? Contact your legislators. Let them know about the creation of jobs and opportunities for the communities they represent as a direct result of EB-5.

Don’t know your elected officials just click here. This link will take you to a drafted letter that allows you to fill in economic impact information from you work in EB-5. It will be quickly sent to all your legislators in Congress. The letter can even go to more than one state if you have projects somewhere else.

IIUSA recently created state-level economic impact summary documents that show EB-5 economic impact and provide examples of successful projects in the respective states. The two-page summary documentsavailable here, are ideal for Congressional outreach by industry stakeholders, as they are concise visual tools that illustrate the real impact of EB-5 investment in terms of job creation and economic development. Also available is a new interactive map that shows success stories from across the country.

This month will go by fast. The collective goal must be kept front and center: ensuring there is no lapse of the EB-5 Regional Center Program.