• 05 September 2016

In order to maintain a comprehensive library of up-to-date intelligence for IIUSA membership and the general public at large, focus must be on the “big-picture” elements affecting the EB-5 industry. This is a key operational priority for IIUSA. To empower EB-5 stakeholders with better utilization of the Program, IIUSA continues to make searching and utilizing its technology tools easier and more accessible.

A wide variety of tools has been developed over the years to help its members maximize their business’ EB-5 know-how. The Technology Committee created in 2014 has devoted significant time and energy into developing its new website (iiusa.org), online Member Portal, interactive EB-5 maps, a digital data dashboard display of EB-5 data and the “EB-5 on the Go” mobile App.

Statistics are made available by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Department of State on a quarterly and annually basis. Members can rest assured that insights into the latest investor markets and policy trends will be available at all times.