• 04 April 2016
Regional Centers Need to Manage Their Pipeline

EB-5 Regional Centers are much like major pharmaceutical companies: Each need to manage their development pipelines.

Pharmaceutical companies are always focusing on their pipeline. While the press makes a big deal out of a new patented drug, the manufacturer understands that the patent will not last forever and, therefore, that they must have other items already in the development pipeline. To be and remain successful, they must focus on keeping product flowing through the pipeline.

By the way, the press at large may not give much attention to pharmaceutical pipelines, but the financial press does. They understand that the prosperity of the company depends on it.

In the same way, Regional Centers cannot afford to focus on just one project, then start the process over again once the project is completed. The key to continued success is continuing development of projects and investors so that there are always projects and investors flowing through the pipeline.

Everyone benefits from keeping the pipeline full and flowing: investors, projects, Regional Centers, American workers, and the economy.