• 04 April 2016
Are Migration Agencies Necessary for Chinese EB-5 Applicants?

January 13, 2016

This is an important question and one that must be answered delicately to avoid misunderstanding.

For many years, the answer has been yes. The reasons are four-fold:

  • The Agencies were the only entities that understood the way through the paperwork jungle. They were like a guide on a safari. Individual investors could not find their way without the expertise of Migration Agencies.
  • American developers had virtually no other way to present their projects to interested Chinese investors.
  • The Agencies were virtually the only ones who had connections with investment opportunities and projects in the U.S. and other countries.
  • The Agencies presented no language barrier.

Much has changed in the past couple of years because of the increased demand for EB-5 immigration by Chinese investors. Much of the evolution prompted by that demand is simply a component of normal business growth.

American immigration consultants, advisors, and attorneys – amongst others – have become much more familiar with Chinese culture, business, and law. So much so that some no longer need a middleman to engage with Chinese investors. Many U.S. immigration-related businesses now operate offices in Mainland China. In fact, American Corporate Services, Inc., has opened an office in Hangzhou to work directly with Chinese investors.

Are Migration Agencies necessary? The answer is no long yes. But neither is it no. If Chinese investors can access an American company through its offices in China, there is no longer a need for an Agency to act as a middleman, eliminating a significant expense for the investor. Nonetheless, where no American offices are available, Agencies are still available to assist.