• 04 April 2016
Get Ready to Celebrate the New Year - Chinese That Is

January 12, 2015

February 8, 2016, on our calendar, is New Year’s Day on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is also the beginning of the New Year Golden Week which runs from February 7th through the 13th this year.

Why is that important to us? Because many – a growing number, in fact – high net worth Chinese travel to the U.S. during Golden Weeks. Generally, they have three fundamental reasons for doing so: rest, relaxation, and real estate. This makes it a time of opportunity to EB-5 affiliates to engage with potential investors about available projects, finding a home in the U.S., and discussing other opportunities, especially for the education of their children.

Preparation should already be underway. It is important to get and stay in touch with clients and potential clients in advance. It is much more advantageous for all concern to schedule meetings in advance than to try to squeeze into their schedules once they are here. Remember, their first two objectives are rest and relaxation. You don’t want to rob them of that particular time.

We encourage EB-5 affiliates, realtors, and investors to put together a plan for Golden Week now to better benefit all concerned.