• 04 April 2016
Small Cities Beginning to Seek EB-5 Investors

January 11, 2016

Perris, California has an estimated population of 72,326 people within 31.5 square miles in Riverside County. Richard Dozier, the Principal Foreign Trade Specialist for Riverside County’s Economic Development Agency has called Perris, “one big Target Employment Area.”

This may be an indication that smaller communities around the U.S. are beginning to awaken to the potential of courting EB-5 investors to stimulate their economic growth. If the EB-5 investment immigration program could get more traction in smaller communities, much of the criticism of the program would be squelched.

Both Perris and Riverside Country are growing at a rapid pace (The population of Perris has doubled since the turn of the century), positioning them as an excellent place to invest. One of the fundamental principles of investing is to try to invest in front of growth. That is a primary selling point for Perris and Riverside County.

Also, the city is promoting usable land at competitive prices and an excellent educational system, including four colleges within the county, both of which are of significant interest to EB-5 investors.

We encourage other municipalities to envision the potential of the EB-5 program for their own economic development.

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