• 09 June 2017

 One of ACS client, citizen of China, came to American Corporate Services, Inc. Attorneys at Law and looked for legal help with his immigration court hearing regarding asylum. The client wants to abandon his asylum claim and depart the U.S. voluntarily. Our Attorney Gary Royle accompanied client to the San Francisco immigration court for requesting the voluntary departure during client’s master hearing. The immigration court then scheduled an individual hearing regarding voluntary departure issue and requested the client to provide valid travel document/passport in the next individual hearing.

After the client got his travel document from Chinese Consulate General, our attorney made a motion to advance individual hearing to the immigration court because client wished to go to court hearing and get a final decision as soon as possible. The immigration court granted the motion to advance made by our attorney and the individual hearing of voluntary departure was advanced two months earlier than the original one scheduled by the immigration court.

Before the individual hearing, Gary Royle Esq. professionally prepared client with his testimony regarding a criminal record this client has, and talked with the government side to confirm their attitude regarding client’s voluntary departure request. During the court hearing, the client answered all the questions properly and the government side did not object client’s voluntary departure request nor reserve its right to appeal. Therefore, the client successfully got the voluntary departure order from the immigration court as he wished and can freely leave the U.S. within the period given by the judge.

Client’s criminal record was the main issue for winning his voluntary departure court hearing. With the professional advice and help from our attorney Gary Royle Esq., client finally got the favored decision from immigration court.