Political Asylum in the US
US Asylum Immigration Attorney Fees.

Political Asylum in the US

All prices are quoted per family (husband, wife, and their unmarried children under 21 years old)
Quoted prices do not include state taxes and are only valid for January 2023. The prices are subject to be changed by the company without giving prior notice.

Asylum, if you are physically present in the U.S. and are filing your asylum petition with U.S. Customs and Immigration Services USCIS from $7000 to $9000
Icon Developing an immigration strategy, preparing a customized case (story, evidence, and other documentation to confirm the client's case) in English, and filing a petition I-589.
Icon Supporting during the biometrics procedure.
Icon Receiving a work permit, filing petition I-765.
Icon Coaching for the interview with an immigration officer.
Icon Assisting with hiring an interpreter** to attend the interview at the USCIS. The client is expected to pay for the interpreter's services.
Icon Supporting during the interview* at the USCIS.**
Asylum at the Mexico-U.S. border, if your case is being processed through the Immigration Court system and/or through detention from $10000 to $15000
Icon Advice on your history, support documentation, location for filing the petition (where, who to, when to file). Detailed and thorough coaching for the interview with the immigration officer at the Detention Center prior to your arrival in Mexico.
Icon Remaining in contact with the client during their stay at the Detention Center where they are obliged to remain until entering the US territory.
Icon Attending court hearings*, while the client is staying at the Detention Center.
Icon Filing a petition for early release from the Detention Center.
Icon Negotiating a bond amount with the judge.
Icon Staying in touch with sponsors and relatives and briefing them.
Icon Staying in touch with the Detention Center Administration regarding the terms and conditions of the client's detention.
Icon Filing a petition for receiving a work permit.
Icon Staying in touch with the immigration authorities to negotiate the removal of the client's ankle bracelet after their release from the Detention Center.
Icon Accompanying the client to the interview* if it 'hasn't been held at the Detention Center.**
Icon Representing the client at other court hearings in the US.
Political Asylum from Guam from $10000 to $15000
Icon Advice on your history, support documentation, location for filing the petition (where, who to, when to file) and your action plan in Guam. Detailed and thorough coaching for an interview with an immigration officer at the Detention Center before departure to Guam.
Icon Preparing a customized case in English with all support documentation and filing petition I-589.
Icon Receiving a work permit, filing petition I-765.
Icon Supporting the client during the interview* with the USCIS officer.**


*Transportation expenses from San Francisco to the city where the interview or court hearing is being held are not included in the asylum ' 'lawyer's fees and are covered separately, as are fees for the attorney's accommodations (if necessary).

**We recommend hiring an interpreter on your own or through our recommendation, even if you speak fluent English.

Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Our attorney starts working with you even before you decide to file a petition seeking asylum. Their help is indispensable while building a case, drafting a story, completing paperwork, and filing documentation with the USCIS. You will be provided with a lot of expert advice on the issues that nonprofessionals are likely to disregard. Remember, some details that you may treat as unworthy of notice can actually determine the outcome of your case. For example, choosing the right recipient to file your petition with and properly attaching additional documents will significantly increase your chances of seeing a positive outcome. Also, the attorney can provide an informed legal opinion (with references to the US laws and precedents) on whether you meet all the requirements for refugee status.

As waiting for an invitation for the interview may take up to several years, our attorney can help you get a work permit. The attorney will also provide a behavioral recommendation to testify that you 'haven't committed any actions that can be classified as """"obstructing the court hearing"""". The attorney's advice will also help you to avoid mistakes while you are waiting for an interview invitation from the USCIS.

Preparing for an interview is the most important thing at this stage. Our qualified lawyer has years of personal experience and has attended numerous interviews in the past. They will prepare the client thoroughly and diligently to answer the questions and behave properly during the interview, which lasts for several hours. Every word said by you at the interview will be noted and attached to your case. Therefore, after receiving an invitation for the interview, the immigration attorney will begin coaching you thoroughly. Even though the interview the attorney is unable to answer the questions for you, they will stay with you during the interview. Theirpresence prevents an USCIS officer from asking too provocative questions or demonstrating aggressive behavior towards you. In addition, at the end of the interview, the attorney will be given the floor and an opportunity to write a case brief, which can have an impact on how your immigration case is decided.

If necessary, the attorney can represent you in immigration court.

As you can see, it is essential to contact a licensed attorney, and only a licensed attorney. Unfortunately, even licensed attorneys can be negligent about their responsibilities. Luckily, the first consultation with an attorney is usually enough to understand how professional the attorney is.